You do not know how to ask your partner to marry you ???? Do not worry Gay weddings Mexico has the best original ideas to propose marriage, we are sure that your partner will be surprised when you ask marriage, here we list a few:

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 (Romantic dinner, on yacht, on cenote maya, diving, in parachute, on hot ballon air, on trajineras), we give you ideas, tell us how would you like from traditional proposals to what you had not guessed.

Romantic dinner: an intimate dinner look at the sea, into your hotel dinner, in a roof ,where you want we prepare everything

In a yacht: Because it is especially rolling waves and prefer that special moment in a yacht

In a cenote: for that special moment unique experience in a cenote in a great natural pool with beautiful rock formationsits only exists in this region on Rivera Maya, is an original decision

Diving: Diving into the sea: because you can combine this activity that you like with the special time to proposal marriage.

Parachute: Because you love thrills and you like heights and adrenaline, proposals marriage from the sky

In hot air ballon: If you like heights and quiet air in the sky, in a balloon is a spectacular and intimate.

Hot air ballon in Teotihuacan: Unique landscape flying over the pyramids of Teotihuacan 300 m. height. City of the Gods is located 2 hrs from Mexico City

Hot air ballon in Tequisquiapan Querétaro: Beautiful Landscape much vegetation is 2 hrs Mexico City

Marriage proposal on Trajinera: if you like small colorful boats slow traditional Trajinera: small boat with flowers arranged South México city

Up of an airplane flying one of the wonders of the world Chichen Itza: You have imagined that will face your partner when from the sky across the beautiful Caribbean Sea or flying over the historic mayan city of Chichen Itza??? Gay Weddings makes it posible.


We want your partner and your 2Gayther have the best memories of you proposal contact us we have many ideas.


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I'm Nancy and I'm very happy to help you with be the happiest day of your life, I'll be close to you not only share my experience and consulting Weddings I will close you  as your friend to 2GAYther we get that magical day, I'm sure I will do achieve together with you an exceptional day. Thanks for letting me be part of your great moment.


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