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Airline tickets, excursions. 


Do not worry about anything, you just tell us what day you want to travel and we coordinate for you and all your guests, from any place of origin, any airline of your choice.



Riviera Maya:

Simply the Mexican Caribbean offers endless majestic places, beautiful beaches, archaeological sites, diving, cenotes, beautiful places for its culture and landscapes.


Chichen Itzá:
The pre-Hispanic city of Chichen Itza was the outstanding capital of the Maya area, was constituted as the center of worship and most revered pilgrimage Yucatán peninsula.

Today is sacred centers for the Maya.

The archaeological site of Chichen Itza in Yucatan, Mexico's Cultural Heritage, and because of its importance was recognized internationally, to be declared and be registered in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO in 1988.

In 2007 he was named by UNESCO as one of the 7 Wonders of the World.


Isla Mujeres:

Isla Mujeres has beautifull beaches white sand mixed with turquoise waters. The island has many activities including walking and can see all the beautiful scenery, Mayan archaeological jewels and rustic scenes. There are many things you could do, there are many activities in Isla Mujeres, like diving in the coral reef, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, fishing, sailing or even go shopping. Sit in the sun, watching the Mexican Caribbean, visiting the turtle farm, explore the cliffs, buy handmade jewelry.


At this location culture, history and one of the best beaches in Mexico they are combined. The only archeological site that sits on the seashore. Tulum was a Mayan fortress lived its moments of glory at the end of the classical period (about 1000 AD). The most iconic structures, called "The Castle", is on the edge of a cliff from where the turquoise waters of the sea are appreciated.
At the southern end of the archaeological site is one of the most peaceful beaches of the Riviera. Tulum about 70 kilometers south of Playa del Carmen is located.


Cozumel many have described as "Heaven on Earth" is aAs .Cozumel Mexican island in the Caribbean, nature has been generous to this island to give jungles, mangroves and lagoons. A system of tropical, and one of the most impressive reefs in the world. So it's no surprise that this is one of the most important destinations for turists who visit Mexico.


Temples runs one of the largest Maya cities of the Classic Period: Coba. If you are bold enough to climb the highest pyramid in the Mexican Mayan world, the rewards will be one of the most stunning panorama of the area. With more than 40 meters high, Nohuch Mul, which in Maya means "big mound" is the largest pyramid in the Yucatan Peninsula.
Walk in the shadow of the treetops, surrounded by the sounds and the green of the jungle. You'll quickly find exotic birds and, with luck, howler monkeys.


At the hea

rt of the Riviera Maya just 37 km. From Playa del Carmen Akumal is one of the best places to visit in the Mexican Caribbean for its wide variety of beautiful beaches and tourist services. Akumal means in Mayan language "Land of turtles" is still a favorite by these sea to spawn animal sites, however, what makes Akumal a place of charm and fascination for tourists from around the world, is its spectacular bay with clear waters and fresh waters of its caves and underground rivers. Akumal is one of the most tranquil places of the Mayan Riviera a shallow, protected bay with a quiet beach and a nearby reef.


Mexico City:

Mexico City is a fascinating capital seduces visitors with countless options. It is one of the largest urban spots of the world.
For anyone visiting Mexico City for the first time, you must know that most of the tourist attractions are concentrated in the Historical Center: the Plaza de la Constitution popularly known as El Zocalo, the imposing Metropolitan Cathedral, National Palace and the archaeological site of Templo Mayor; plus a lot of museums housed in colonial houses. Just a few blocks away is the Plaza Garibaldi, mecca to which we must go deep Mexico to live surrounded by smells of tequila and mariachi music.



Just 50 km north-east of Mexico City is Teotihuacan, the most visited archaeological site in the country. It is located in the State of Mexico, in the municipality of San Juan Teotihuacan.
The beauty of the place allowed him to be named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.
The archaeological invites you to a whole day there, as well as the pre-Hispanic buildings, there are museums, exhibitions of traditional dances and various positions.

Atlixco Puebla:

It's a nice little town, its surroundings are full of nurseries, so you'll always dressed in flowers. And best of all is its great colonial architecture.
Strolling through the city center. You have to walk around the base and meet their old civic buildings and the Church of the Nativity. Under no circumstances miss the beautiful Chapel of the Third Order.


Magic Town, this city attracts visitors with its many charms such as the magnificent Mountain Tepozteco and traditions, with outstanding dance funny chinelos.
From the heights of the Tepozteco it has an incredible view of the town that invites deep reflection.
The weekends are a good time to visit Tepoztlan, since Sunday the town is covered with bright colors and smells to living the joyful atmosphere tepozteco in its traditional market. It is ideal to find all kinds of crafts, food, flowers and clothes, or some esoteric or art galleries and shops object.


Malinalco walk is immersed in a mystical place; in a place where the pre-Hispanic past and colonial memory combine harmoniously. Atop the Hill of the Idols is an important archaeological site whose Shrine of the Eagle and Jaguar Warriors is only comparable to Ellora in India and the temple of Abu Simbel in Egypt to be carved into the rock. Meanwhile, in the center of town that houses a beautiful convent magnificent murals made by indigenous hands it is located. Furthermore, in the village there are good restaurants, a trout farm and a market which sells bread rich and the best snow in the region.
Wednesday each week do not miss the famous flea market that dates back to pre-Hispanic life; in it you will find everything from handicrafts, earthenware, leather, stone, wood carved and handmade tortillas.

Furthermore, some kiosk you will find the famous shawls made from loom and seeds and wood jewelry. There are also several galleries where you can buy works of art, like Andres Medina.


Walking through its streets is to feel the history and identity of this town surrounded by mountains and canyons which houses one of the finest examples of colonial architecture: the Parish of Santa Prisca and San Sebastián, as well as numerous workshops where fine metal work silver.
Taxco you can not stop buying silver, recognized worldwide for its quality and originality. Here you will find everything from fine jewelry to items made from this material using traditional methods, quality and unbeatable prices (in Taxco silver has a purity of 925 grams per kilogram). Around the village you will find shops and galleries; and Saturday is the day of the flea market on Avenida de los Plateros, where you will see all kinds of positions early.

Peña de Bernal Querétaro:

This colorful and picturesque town is located at the foot of a spectacular rock monolith known as Peña de Bernal, considered the third largest in the world. It has excellent hotels and restaurants where you will spend a weekend relaxing and enjoying the scenery.
Good shopping a variety of crafts are made and we recommend cheeses, custards and sweet quince, guava and peanuts. If you like adventure, you can climb the rock at 60%.)


Tepotzotlán is a very quiet place that still has that touch of province. Among its attractions is the former Convent of San Francisco Javier, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, which also houses the National Museum of Viceroyalty, one of the best in the country. Moreover, in the market you can try rich snacks in your seat and buy crafts; in surroundings meet an impressive aqueduct and an ecotourism park.
Weekends market furniture, Talavera, baskets, clothing, leather and rug is placed; while in the Plaza of Crafts pottery built like miniature chapels and animal figures.

If you have in mind some other destination we will gladly coordinate.


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