First of all thank all the beautiful couples rely on us to make their wedding.

To all those who directly or indirectly helped us to create the magic that exists in every wedding, because they put everything in their power to provide unsurpassed service, for his greatness as people and as professionals, my staff and collaborators thanks 2GAYther to work.

THANKS Nancy Lopez.

Gay Weddings Mexico.


Credits Photographs:

We appreciate the commitment of all artistic photographers with their hard work have made wonderful pictures presented in our website, thank you all:

  • Gilad Kavalerchik
  • Riviera Maya all inclusive
  • Deanna Keahey
  • Mario Vazquez de la Torre
  • Thomas Aleto
  • Melanie Chouinard
  • Zapher Dajani
  • Beyond Bespoke Events
  • Kenbrownlee
  • Raminta 14
  • Megan & Grace
  • Luke Chapman
  • Badruddeen
  • Courtney Platt
  • Bosco Bridal Expos
  • Shimmer Delights
  • Eva B.
  • Rachel Elaine
  • Anje
  • Celso Flores
  • Grand velas Riviera maya
  • Camelot
  • Jdherron
  • Fernando Careaga
  • Jose Luis Ruiz
  • Russ Bowling
  • Christopher William Adach
  • Revelateur Studio
  • Laurent Espitallier
  • Edgar G.M.
  • Great Beyond
  • Crandon Park
  • Iwona Keille
  • Leina Sevele
  • Gabriel Balderas
  • Del Sol
  • Matt Janicki
  • Kevint3141
  • DChris
  • Falle Harris
  • Ruimc77
  • Marcio Cabral de Moura
  • Philippo Salamone
  • DJ Venus 

Hotels and Locations:

  • Hotel The Palm
  • Hotel El Deseo
  • Soho Hotel
  • Be Playa
  • La Reina Roja
  • Artisan
  • Hotel Cacao
  • Papaya Playa Project
  • Be Tulum
  • Al Cielo
  • Hotel Condesa DF
  • Downtown México
  • Habita Totel
  • Distrito Capital
  • Hotel W
  • Hotel Cortes México
  • Gran Hotel de la Ciudad de México
  • Club Venado Beach

Business Parterns:

  • Life Extension Clinic
  • Pentaflor
  • Cherry & Blossom
  • Laura McNamara
  • Caribbean extours
  • The cupcake boutique
  • Fabrice Guilbert
  • Viva Green Homes
  • Scomma Design

Meet Nancy

I'm Nancy and I'm very happy to help you with be the happiest day of your life, I'll be close to you not only share my experience and consulting Weddings I will close you  as your friend to 2GAYther we get that magical day, I'm sure I will do achieve together with you an exceptional day. Thanks for letting me be part of your great moment.


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